Links Lundi

Disliking someone’s clothes should not equal being judgmental.

The Composites envisions literary characters as composite sketches based on descriptions from their books. (via Yes And Yes)

Who knew underwater dog photography would be so hilarious?

More awesome photography: high-speed shots of ink dissolving in water.

Life lessons from a goat.

I loved Weesha’s photo shoot with a bold outfit and a bold grafittied background, not to mention the bold self-love she writes about to go with it.

An interesting breakdown of the sexual language used to describe women’s fashion in Cosmo, comparing a 1991 issue to 2012.  (Via Already Pretty)

One man’s project uses Google Street View to capture images of remote and lonely places. (via Yes And Yes)

Israel has passed a law banning underweight models and requiring magazines to disclose when images have been altered to make the models look thinner.  One Israeli model has protested it, saying the law should “force actual tests. Make girls go to a doctor. Get a system to follow girls who are found to be puking,” instead of just focusing on the numbers.  Many studies have already suggested that BMI is not a good indicator of health, and that one’s weight does not correlate to one’s overall health.  What do you think about this law?


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