Outfit Post: How I Learned To Stop Hating Skinny Jeans And Love My Legs

One of my ongoing body-image struggles is with my legs.  I loathe shorts and absolutely refuse to wear them unless required for something outdoorsy.  The majority of my skirts are knee-length or longer, not out of prudery (although that does contribute), but because I hate my knees.

In my most warped self-image, I look like ordinary me but with toothpick legs and tennis-ball knees sticking out the bottom of whatever skirt I’m wearing.  This was especially prevalent during high school, when all my friends seemed to become either voluptuous, athletic, or just plain more human-shaped, with symmetrical knees, while I felt increasingly like a very short flamingo.

Living in the Northwest, where it’s warm approximately four days out of the year, I can get away with wearing jeans 90% of the time.  Flared and boot-cut jeans were lifesavers, sweeping over my knees and pretending they weren’t there.

Then skinny jeans showed up, and suddenly everyone’s knees and calves were on full display.  I freaked.  I refused to get them for a solid year before finally deciding that maybe if I wore them with heeled boots and not regular sneakers I wouldn’t look quite so stork-like.

And I realized I wound up looking pretty good in them.

I even got a second pair of skinny jeans in regular blue denim, since the style seems to be sticking around.  (Watch, now that I’ve committed to it, it’ll disappear.)  And I’ve gotten braver about wearing a variety of shoes with them, and while I’m not really excited to go run around in shorts, I do feel a lil’ bit better about my knees.

Cardigan: H&M
Tunic: JC Penney (clearance for $9!)
Jeans: Anoname, from Nordstrom Rack
Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Belt: Forever 21

There isn’t anything wrong with my knees.  In fact, they’re very good knees.  They never wonk out on me when I’m wearing different shoes and they’re the last part of my legs to go when I’ve been walking too much.  They’re a little tiny bit knobbly, maybe, but that’s because they’re bones.  And they’re certainly not the same shape as they were when I was completely embarrassed by them in high school.  I didn’t have any litany to convince myself to like my knees, and I didn’t follow any regimen to tweak my psychology into obedience.  Nope – I just wore the same pair of pants so often that my legs looked different on my own.  I’m not totally in love with them yet, but I don’t mind being attached to them, and that’s a start.


13 thoughts on “Outfit Post: How I Learned To Stop Hating Skinny Jeans And Love My Legs

  1. For what it’s worth, I think you look great in skinny jeans! Your knees look perfectly normal to me:) I have big thighs and wearing skinny jeans was a big step for me too, but now I love them!

  2. Glad to see you’re making strides on the path of positive self-image. For what it’s worth, whenever anyone mentions skinny jeans, you leap to mind as the person I know who could best pull them off, as these photos clearly show. As for me, skinny jeans are very strictly outside the bounds of fashions I’m willing to try, and trends be damned.

    • Well hey, thanks! And I agree with your decision to forgo skinny jeans – unless you’re in All-American Rejects or whatever the kids are listening to these days, I’m not a fan of skinny jeans on dudes.

  3. This entire post makes me smile! I’m glad that you gave this a try and that it helped tweak the way you feel about your body, even a little. I haven’t bought a single pair of skinny jeans since the trend began, if only because I have yet to find a pair that FITS. You know, trying on pair after pair and finding something wrong–can’t get over my hips, too tight in the calves, way too loose in the waistband–is a bit wearing and I eventually stopped looking. I have, however, made myself a pair by skinny-fying the calves of a pair of flare jeans, and they’re pretty awesome! I’m going to horn in on the high-five you and Nanne are having up there.

    (P.S. I’m very much enjoying the alt-text you’ve given to your blogroll links. Secret text is the best.)

    • I’m glad you liked it (and the alt-text)! It was a real pain to find skinny jeans that fit, but then it’s a pain to find regular jeans as well. :-/ Making your own is a good solution! Have you done an outfitpost with them? If so I’d love to link to it!

      • I’m actually going to do a post/tutorial (well, “tutorial,” it’s laughably hamfisted) tomorrow! Skinny jeans for all!

  4. You look great in skinny jeans. I think they are a scary garment, if only because they are so damn figure hugging!

    I’m just about getting used to wearing shortish skirts with thick tights (rather than with leggings). I would NEVER go bare-legged, even my calves don’t deserve to see the light of day.

    My problem with skinny jeans is tiny waist and large thighs. Any that fit my legs just won’t stay up around my waist/hips!

    • They are still a little scary, but I’ve figured out how to wear them in ways that keep me feeling comfortable. Same with leggings – they are not pants, so I wear them with dresses or tunics and boots. They may be tight but that doesn’t mean I need to show off every detail of my legs!

    • Yellow! Nice! It’s funny how little changes make big scary changes seem more doable. Skinny jeans are what got me into leggings and then plum-colored leggings. 🙂

      • I still haven’t worn leggings. It’s also funny that I had no skinny jeans then went with yellow on the first day. Sometimes I don’t take baby steps. When I started with colored tights I started with a deep brown and wore them with brown boots. It was barely a transition. Then I ended up with fuchsia tights.

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