How To Develop Self-Esteem In Three Easy Steps

Ready to feel excellent about yourself?

1. Get something to write on, something to write with, and a mirror.

2. Look at your reflection, and really study it.  Take in everything as objectively as possible.  Keep an open mind as to what you look like, and try really really hard not to compare yourself to others.

3. Make a list of five things (or more!) that you think are awesome about yourself.

Here are mine:

(I also love my clear skin, my toes, my nimble fingers, and my tush!  [Does tush count as torso?] But I ran out of room.)

If you really don’t think you can come up with five things, don’t get down on yourself – this doesn’t mean you fail at self-esteem.  It’s hard to make these kinds of lists sometimes because we get so many messages every day that what we look like isn’t good enough.  Sometimes it’s hard to see past all the things we “should” be – skinnier, younger, better skin, shinier hair – and realize that what we are is already wonderful.  Besides, our bodies change. What you look like right now won’t be what you look like in ten years, or even in ten months. Take the time to appreciate what you have right now.

If you’re still having trouble with your list, ask for help!  Your friends, family, and loved ones will be more than happy to shower you with compliments about all the fantastic things you have.

Once you have your list, put it somewhere prominent.  If you see your list of the things you love about yourself every day, you’ll feel good about them every day.  On my bad hair days, I’ll be able to look at my list and remind myself that my hair is actually pretty great.  Just because it’s not perfectly straight or perfectly curly doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful in its own right.  Will this make a difference?  Sure, same way practicing a song every day helps you memorize it, or performing a sport every day makes you a better athlete.

Got a list?  Share it in the comments!


2 thoughts on “How To Develop Self-Esteem In Three Easy Steps

  1. Great exercise to boost your self-esteem! Does it have to be about my face and/or body? My top 5 things I love about myself are:

    1) The color of my eyes – they are shifting in greens, blues and grays!
    2) My wrists – they are nice, slender and very feminine.
    3) My tush – it could be firmer but still has a really nice, round shape to it:)
    4) That my face is still virtually wrinkle free and my complexion fresh and rosy at the age of 42.
    5) That I can jog 5K!

    Whoa, not bad 🙂

    • Great list! High five for being able to jog a 5K – I don’t think I could make it a mile! 😉 This exercise is intended for physical body characteristics but you could definitely make a list for other attributes! Maybe I’ll post for that next month.

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