FBFF: Easter

This week’s FBFF theme is Easter.  Maybe it is an Easter bonnet, or your favorite scene from Easter Parade, or how to dye the perfect egg – what’s Easter to you?

Option D: Jesus?

Calm down, stick around.  There’ll be chocolate at the end!

One of my earliest memories is of some kind of Easter performance at the Methodist church we went to in Oregon.  I vaguely remember ballerinas.  Other early memories include Easter baskets lined with that pastel paper grass, chocolate egg hunts throughout the house, and absolutely terrifying Easter Bunnies at the mall.

Easter has always been extremely church-centric for my family.  “My” church, where I went from age 10 onward and which I still consider “mine” even though I don’t get to visit much anymore, was a behemoth which brought out the full orchestra and choir for the big holidays.  I brought Kevin home for the first time ever for Easter weekend, 2006, about two weeks after we’d started dating.  I figured if he could weather the pomp and circumstance of Our Church At Easter, he could handle pretty much anything.  His church experience was very limited – in fact, he was an atheist for a long time, although he would occasinally go to the Bible study his uncle hosted in his living room.  Bringing him to that service was pretty much dropping him into the deep end to see if he could swim, and of course, he could.

Spending Easter in Bellevue became a tradition for us for the rest of college.  My mom even made him his own Easter basket each year.  We developed an egg-hunt system in which my sister, Kevin, and I each got a room to hide chocolate eggs in for the others.  (Kevin was so good at this that my mom would find eggs in his designated room two or three years afterward.)  It was on those Easter visits (the very first one, actually) that Kevin first told me he loved me.

All those family memories, along with the tradition that Easter is the day for Christians, the day on which we are all forgiven no matter what we’ve done, if only we can bring ourselves to ask for it, add up to a simple feeling – Easter is love.  Easter is unadulterated, unconditional, endless love between families and between humans and God and each other.  Easter is the love that will not quit on you and doesn’t mind when you quit on it sometimes.  Easter is joy and renewal, the fulfillment and expansion of everything awesome about Christmas.  Flowers are finally blooming, the sun is finally breaking through, and we’re reborn.  All that plus chocolate.

Told ya.

That’s my Easter.  What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “FBFF: Easter

  1. Wellll, I was raised by atheist parents (okay, and one Baptist stepmother who is no longer in the picture), so for me, Easter was mainly about the food. Lamb, specifically. I’m pretty into unconditional, endless love between families, though!

    • Easter food is pretty rad, too. Easter ham, mmmm.

      This year Kevin and I were on our own, so we couldn’t do anything fancy (like ham), but I made blueberry coffee cake and ham & cheese omelettes for brunch. And pastel-colored shortbread cookies. So yeah, we did pretty well in the food department. 😀

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