Links Lundi

Shine On You Crazy Diamond, my favorite in a set of posters for and about optimism. (via Little Commas)

Google illustrates the importance of educationTwitter helps.

Olympic champion Amanda Beard (who won her first medal at age 14) shares her experiences with bulima, depression, and cutting in her new memoir.

From the  Department of Corporate Responsibility: Previously-struggling OMGPOP comes up with a little game called Draw Something and gets bought by Zynga.  OMGPOP’s CEO does “the mensch thing to do” and re-hires all of his previous layoffs so they can cash in on the big deal.

Ashley Judd fights the good body-image fight by defending herself and women everywhere against “the assault on our body image, the hypersexualization of girls and women and subsequent degradation of our sexuality.”  Maybe she’s gotten some work done, maybe she hasn’t; maybe she’s profited from a system that glorifies youth and beauty which she now criticizes; but at least she spoke up.  Goodness knows we need more of that.

A Teen’s Brave Response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay.”  Read the original piece here and some equally powerful responses here.


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