Steps to Self-Esteem: Embracing Your Quirks

I was reading something on Facebook about “Fish Sticks And Custard Day,” which celebrates the anniversary of Matt Smith’s first episode as Doctor Who.  Fans had posted pictures of themselves eating fish sticks dipped in custard, like the Doctor did in the episode.  Grooosssss.  I was mid-eyeroll when I realized I actually had no right to roll my eyes at all.  After all, in high school I frequently wore the One Ring I’d gotten off of a “Lord of the Rings” bookmark, and I’ve been known to wear t-shirts with the TARDIS on them.  I even wrote X-Men fanfiction for a while – I’d like to say it was a long time ago, but it was really far too recent for anyone’s comfort.  So who am I to laugh at someone eating fish sticks dipped in custard?  I mean, it sounds kinda gross, but as far as nerdiness goes, I have no right to judge.

Besides, what a hilariously original way to celebrate a favorite character!  Those girls deserve some credit for coming up with a unique way to express their fandom.  It made me think about the quirky things I do that set me apart…like coming up with smooth segues in writing, apparently.

Anyway, here are ten weird things that are better representations of my personality than my transitions.

1. I don’t like watermelon or donuts.  I also don’t like The Beach Boys or chili, which has led to many jokes about my being un-American.  But in my experience, watermelon has no flavor, and donuts make my teeth hurt.  If I’m going to eat fruit, I want it to taste good, and if I’m going to have a sugary treat, I want it to not instantly destroy my teeth.

2. I revel in really terrible puns.  If it makes Kevin actually slam his head into something hard, I know I’ve done well.

3. I write.  And I blog.   It’s enough to get raised eyebrows from some folks.

4. I write poetry, and it’s not all bad poetry, either.

5. I still celebrate “the 24th.”  My first date with Kevin was on March 24th, and we never really gave up the “date-iversary.”  On the 24th of any given month, one of us will usually remember to text each other something cheesy.  March 24th itself is still a pretty big deal.  I mean, why not have more than one anniversary?

6. If I spot an exotic car, I’ll follow it and try to take a picture.  Some people play Pokemon; I play Stalk People Who Own Expensive Cars.

7. I sometimes draw comics.  I even posted some a while back, and the Internet didn’t descend on me in a storm of derisive hatred.  Now that I finally have a scanner, I’m planning to clean up some of the “unpublished” comics and share those.

8. I mostly ignore recipes when I cook.  If it’s not a complicated dish, I’ll omit stuff and add stuff freely.  If it’s a Barefoot Contessa recipe or something out of “Food & Wine,” then I’ll be more careful, but for the most part I’ll just go ahead and add that extra clove of garlic and maybe some more vegetables.

9. I drink a lot of tea.  An entire shelf, plus a fancy tea box, in our kitchen is dedicated to tea.  I actually cut back on my tea consumption at work because I think the fluctuating caffeine levels were contributing to my weekend migraines, since I drink less tea on the weekend.  Now I only drink one gigantic mug instead of two.

10. I map the treasure when I play video games.  If I need to collect all the flags, or the stars, or the potions, or whatever, in order to get an achievement, I will print out a map and cross them off as I find them.  OCD, maybe; personally fulfilling, absolutely.

How about you?  What’s on your list of individuality?  Do you dance in public? Do you rock pinup-girl makeup?  Are you a bowling champion?  An Etsy crafter?  A fish-stick-custard dipper?


2 thoughts on “Steps to Self-Esteem: Embracing Your Quirks

  1. I used to hate puns, but I’ve grown to enjoy them quite a bit. I was (and still am) inordinately proud of myself for the great diner name I came up with the other day: Bunsen Burger. (Hee hee hee.)

    The little quirks about people are what’s so great! I’m sure I have many that I can’t even think of, but here are a few.

    1) I love dogs and was obsessed with knowing all the different breeds (well, at least the AKC-recognized ones) when I was younger, and I still usually can’t resist specifying when I see one, a la: “Oh, what a cute West Highland White!” Which drives Michael nuts because a) I’m showing off and b) he hates dogs.
    2) I get antsy if I go more than a day or two without flossing. It’s a weird need but my gums feel itchy if I don’t do it!
    3) I have a deep and abiding love of Mexican food, and that is actually one of my primary motivations for staying in California. Tia says there’s decent Mexican food in Chicago, but I am skeptical.

    • Bunsen Burger! I would eat there. It better be decked out like an old-school evil-scientist lab.

      High five for the flossing – more people (me included) could stand to have that as a quirk!

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