Links Lundi

Thanks to my friend Sarah who tipped me off about this:

Take free online courses from some of the top universities through Coursera!  How about Computer Science 101 through Stanford or a science fiction course through the University of Michigan?

Dear everyone: rock a bikini. (via Already Pretty)

Mia’s gonna punch you in the face with color and you’re gonna like it.

What it cost 8 women writers to make it in New York. (via Yes and Yes)

More great thoughts on being both feminist and a fashionista. (also via Already Pretty)

20 things to stop apologizing for. (also via Yes and Yes)

Words cannot express how much I need this.


2 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. Aw, thanks! I do indeed enjoy punching people with visual perceptual properties. Everyone forever should take science-fiction courses, they are the greatest. I only took a few in college and I wish I’d taken more, although that would have meant giving up some of the German or Russian lit classes…

    • Alas, my college was too, shall we say, literary for sci-fi classes, but we did have a course on screenwriting taught by the guy who wrote “Revenge of the Nerds!”

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