Trusting Your Body (Or Faking It)

Your relationship with your body can be a weird thing.  You have to trust it, but you may also want to change things about it.  You may have trouble making those changes, so you’ll fake it – only to discover, weeks or months or even years later, that faking it worked.  Something will have changed.  You may have lost those last five pounds, or you may have decided you don’t mind keeping them.

Your body will be seen.  Trust that those who matter will see it well; those who see it poorly or judgmentally do not matter.

Your body will do work.  Trust that it is a machine, built to perform, and it often knows best what it needs.

Your body is your home. With any luck, you’ll be in it for a while, so treat it well. Feed it right. Rest it, but work it hard when needed.  Celebrate it!  Decorate it and pamper it.  It does a lot for you, after all.

Your body will make mistakes.  You will drop things, forget things, say something wrong, get cuts or bruises.  It’ll turn out okay, because you’re a work in progress.  Everything can be forgiven.  Cuts will heal.

Your body will listen to you.  You can convince it that it is beautiful.  You can convince it to work harder.  You can convince it to do that extra lap, or finish that challenging assignment, or skip the junk-food snack, or deal with your negative feelings towards someone.

If you can’t convince it, you can trick it.  Think of it as acting.  Act confident, act healthy, act beautiful, act forgiving, and sooner or later you won’t be acting anymore – you’ll be doing.


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