Links Lundi

After finding out that 65% of the girls at her school couldn’t go to prom because of religious reasons, Tharima Ahmed put together a girls-only prom.

1,000 photos of 1,000 cups of coffee, submitted from around the world and compiled into a lovely mosaic.  (Dutch Bros, represent!)

14-year-old Julia collected 25,000 signatures to petition “Seventeen” magazine to commit to using less Photoshop: “For the sake of all the struggling girls all over America, who read Seventeen and think these fake images are what they should be, I’m stepping up. I know how hurtful these photoshopped images can be. I’m a teenage girl, and I don’t like what I see.”  Awesome, right?  But when she actually met with the folks at “Seventeen,” they turned her down, claiming that they already “present” girls as “their authentic selves.”  The petition is still going strong – 71,000 as of this morning – so maybe it’s not too late to get the message across.

In other magazines-missing-the-point news, Vogue has decided to stop using underage models with eating disorders. This is good, I guess?  Baby steps?

And in other photoshop-stupidity news, a fairly ordinary-looking photo of Rihanna turns out to be a flipped, color-altered, head-transplanting compilation of two different photos.

The weird case of media messages and Adam Levine.

An insightful piece on wheelchairs in comics.

How to dress joyously.

Some good advice for how to not carpe diem.

Don Ritchie, credited with saving 160 people who would have committed suicide by jumping off the cliffs near his home, died at age 86 on Sunday.  He made it his mission to go out and ask if he could do something to help the would-be jumpers or offer them a cup of tea.  In his words, “Never be afraid to speak to those who you feel are in need. Always remember the power of the simple smile, a helping hand, a listening ear and a kind word.”

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