A Playlist For Working Out And/Or Fleeing Zombies

Big news, guys: I’m training for a 5k.  It’s not until September, but I’m hoping that by starting early I’ll have plenty of time to get better at running 3 miles hahahahaha oh gosh excuse me




*wipes away tear*

Okay.  Sorry, the idea of me running any extended distance or length of time for fun is about as weird as Mitt Romney joining The Village People. I don’t care if I’m getting doused with colored powders in the process, or that the entrance fee goes to a great cause – I’m still running a lot, with nothing chasing me.

(That said, I would so do a zombie run, if they weren’t expensive and held hundreds of miles away.)

So, zombie-less 5K training.  It’s a ten-week plan and I have alarms set on my phone and everything so I actually get to the gym three times a week.  (My doctor will be so proud!)  Everyone knows a crucial part of a successful workout routine, aside from the actual schedule, is the playlist.  The power of Science can help you find the right beats-per-minute according to where you are in your workout, but my song-choosing process isn’t that technical.  I just compiled my playlist using songs that are especially uptempo and loud, and which generally imbue me with a feeling of badassery.  Here are my recommendations for keeping your butt in gear while running, whether it’s from zombies or not.

1) “Black Betty” by Spiderbait. This is good for the warm-up portion of the run, when you’re not quite ready to kick ass, but boy, you’re close.  You’re like Jean Grey before she goes Dark Phoenix.

2) Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria (instrumental).  This song is from the trailer for “9” and it rocks hard.  The original version (specifically the vocals) doesn’t do it for me, but the song has a solid pace that’s great for jogging.

3) “Pump It” by Black Eyed Peas.  The music video is basically Dance Fight Club, and with that beat, it’s hard to keep still.  The Black-Eyed Peas may be an affront to the very concept of music, but this song is pretty darn fun.

4) “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  This one crescendoes into some vicious guitar riffs towards the end, perfect for getting an extra adrenaline boost when you need it most.  Plus, if actual zombies show up during your run, you can take inspiration from that music video.

5) Bodies” by Drowning Pool. Remember how you were Jean Grey earlier?  Yeah, now you’re Dark Phoenix.  This song is excellent for two things: running, and completely annihilating the other Halo players on Xbox Live.

What’s on your workout playlist?  Do you have a list specifically ordered according to where you are in your run, or do you leave it on shuffle?  Do you pick songs that make you feel badass, cheerful, or something else?


4 thoughts on “A Playlist For Working Out And/Or Fleeing Zombies

  1. Good for you for taking this on! Your music selections look great, especially the Black Eyed Peas. I like keeping my workout playlist on shuffle and just stuff it full of uptempo fun stuff. That way things stay random and a little ‘surprising’ which helps keep me going.

  2. 5k? You crazy! But if anyone I know has the guts and determination to train hard and see it through, it’s you.

    My favorite workout songs tend to be pop-punk with aggressive drums, but I also have a secret weapon. Using Pandora, I have created a station based off of the music of Two Steps From Hell. In addition to having one of the most badass band names in history, they do intense movie trailer music, which means Pandora brings up film scores. There’s nothing like working out to the sound of your favorite movie moments. I’m talking push-ups to Wrath of Khan, squats to Indiana Jones, supermans to Superman, and so much more. In short, I recommend film score, orchestral soundtracks.

    • It is a little nuts, yes. I wanted to do one that benefited a domestic abuse recovery program, but that was like, next week, so I definitely wouldn’t be ready.

      Oh, I hadn’t thought of movie soundtracks – there’s definitely some hardcore stuff to work with out there. Oh man, or the Halo soundtrack? Yesss.

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