Links Lundi

Aishwarya Rai has a baby, does not lose the pregnancy weight; world explodes with criticism.

If Lewis Black was a woman and gave graduation advice, it would probably sound like this.

A Kentucky man bought out a closing K-Mart and donated its entire inventory to charity!

Sally has some tips for layering warm-weather outfits.

Look awesome in a swimsuit without starving yourself, overexercising, or completely losing your mind.  (via Yes And Yes)

Also via Yes and Yes: the little moments that make you feel totally lonely and disconnected, yet mean you’re just like everyone else.

Is HBO’s “Girls” too white/privileged/insert controversial adjective here?

Advice from the Avengers, which I need to put up everywhere:


2 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. My HEAD may explode about that Aishwarya Rai article. She is gorgeous either way, and the whole thing is so complex and depressing, and-and-and…urrrrrrghghghghgh. On the other hand, good for the guy from Kentucky.

    The world, it makes me feel feelings.

    • Argh, I know, right? I saw the headline and was like “…and she’s less beautiful HOW, exactly?”

      That and the whole “obligation” factor – like because she’s famous and beautiful, she must stay exactly the same as when she was 20. I know that’s how the whole structure of celebrity works – look young and beautiful until the bitter end – but the fact that multiple articles actually used the word “obligated,” seriously and unironically, to describe why she should lose the weight creeped me out. And they call our generation entitled.

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