Wedding Wear 2012

It’s spring, and the air is filled with the sounds of wedding prep.  Envelopes are being stuffed, flowers chosen, dresses tried on, vendors wrangled with, and desserts sampled.  Wedding forums abound with panicked cries for advice.  Pinterest boards overflow with ideas for cake-pop buffets, handmade custom-dyed tissue-paper flowers, and photo booths involving paper mustaches.  Occasionally, the shriek of the bridezilla will drift through the city on the pollen-laden breezes.

And you, non-bride?  You can relax, because you’re invited!  Which brings up the eternal question: what are you gonna wear?

Play it safe with traditional, lacy looks by wearing colors, or else you could look bridal yourself, and that’s a no-no.  Luckily, this year’s mad obsession with insane colors should give you plenty of flexibility.

Weddings 2012: Lace

Hair Accessories
In a post-Will-and-Kate world, headbands and fascinators are huge.  Sometimes they are actually, physically huge.  If you’re not into looking like the Countess of Frooftown, go for smaller, understated styles with a healthy dose of sparkle.

Weddings 2012: Hair Accessories

I love this color for late spring and summer, and I’m not just saying that because I used it in my own wedding and I think I’m totally a trendsetter for 2012 weddings.  Not at all.

Weddings 2012: Peach & Coral

Solid Color Dresses 
A simple base is easily customizable with scarves, shoes, long necklaces, or bags.  If you’re invited to lots of weddings, you can get away with wearing the same dress with different accessories – unless you just want the excuse to buy more dresses.

Weddings 2012: Solid-Color Dresses

Save the blingy sequins for the afterparty and go for subtler shine for the actual ceremony.

Weddings 2012: Metallics
What’s you’re favorite wedding look?  If you’re attending weddings this year, are you buying some special, or reworking something you already own?

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wear 2012

  1. I don’t know that I have a specifically favorite wedding look–I’ve only been to three weddings (two “normal,” one Vegas) in my adult life, and #4 is next weekend. The dress I’ll be wearing to that is one I’ve already had, and to the previous ones I wore 1) a dress I already had, 2) a dress I bought from Ross for $30 and 3) a dress made for me by Tia’s mom.

    That image with the solid-color dresses is making me drool a little bit, by the way. AHHHH COLORS get in my wardrobe, all of you.

    • Yeah, I saw that green wrap dress and coveted it and THEN saw that it was Diane von Furstenberg. Aww.

      The last wedding I went to was my own? So…I don’t even know what to do anymore. Luckily I have until August to figure it out.

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