FBFF: Summer Trends

This week on FBFF we’re talking about our favorite summer trends, which I have to admit turned into a challenging topic for me.  I feel like summer took everything great about spring – fresh colors, fun prints, interesting silhouettes – and made it worse.  Now everywhere I look, it’s garish shades of yellow, green, and coral.  Even purple and cobalt have become so saturated that they’re overwhelming.

As for the prints, well, most of them look like the result of running Picasso and Warhol paintings in a blender with an acid tab.  Ow.

There are a few things I like, though:

1. Twenties style.  The spring/summer Ralph Lauren collections, including the ready-to-wear, look like they fell straight out of “The Great Gatbsy” and this makes me very happy, even if everything is pretty much unwearable in real life.  The drop waists and the pale colors definitely don’t look good on me, but they’re nice to look at.  I also love how the ready-to-wear looks incorporate florals without hitting you over the head with them.

2. Big prints. Not necessarily bold colorful retina-slaughtering prints, just large prints, like this:

Or this:


3. Embroidery/crochet work. I’m a happy camper when boho-chic is in.  I love the flowy sleeves, embroidery, soft colors, and feminine details that show up in those styles, and it’s the total opposite from the angular silhouettes and mod colorblocking that’s been in the last year or so.  I’ve been able to merge the two styles fairly well, I think, by wearing flowy tops with my leggings and skinny jeans, but give me boot-cut jeans, maxi skirts, and soft florals any day.

I’m especially loving all the embroidered bags that are popping up.  Target has some really cute options, and ModCloth has this baby:

What are you loving in summer styles?  See the other FBFF entries here!

4 thoughts on “FBFF: Summer Trends

  1. I love that skirt! This summer, slightly different from my usual neutral choices of colour, I’m loving tangerine and green! As for prints, scarf print dresses are a favourite.

  2. I gotta say, I’m pretty into garish colors, but that doesn’t mean you have to like them! I really am digging the larger prints, and the weirder prints (animals, etc.). I got a giraffe-print scarf from Target, but unfortunately it appears to be irreparably sticking to its own fabric in an unattractive, clumpy fashion, soooo. Bah.

  3. The 20s are definitely coming back in a big way. I like the influence but don’t think I could pull off a flapper styled dress with the drop-waist. I love the polka dot dress 🙂

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