Links Lundi

Summer reading inspired by fall 2012 fashion.  Props for their relatively respectful handling of the “native”-inspired styles that seem to be sticking around.

More reading suggestions from Vogue, including my former professor Anna Keesey’s first book!

18 secrets of the super-motivated.

40:20 Vision offers advice from 40-something women to those having quarter-life crises.

An American soldier in Afghanistan trades his cigarettes to rescue an abused dog.

Henna artists rejuvenate and empower cancer patients who have lost their hair during chemotherapy by applying henna “crowns” to their heads.

An insightful interview with a rape crisis line volunteer.  I love this, and I hope I can remember it the next time I need to convince someone about our victim-blaming culture: “We like to tell ourselves that the person was drunk or wearing the wrong clothes and that’s why he or she was raped, because it makes us feel safe.”

An exercise in not caring what people think. (via Yes And Yes)

Also from Yes and Yes, another take on the lack of diversity exemplified in HBO’s “Girls,” this one encouraging those who feel their stories aren’t being told to go out and tell them themselves.

Why cultivate positive body image?


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