FBFF: Blogging Community

Today on FBFF we’re talking about our online communities.  Fitting, since we’re all in one, and while we spend a lot of time answering the same questions, we don’t talk much about what FBFF itself is like.

1. What blogging communities do you belong to?
FBFF and Top Ten Tuesday, which isn’t so much a community as a horde of book-loving bloggers who answer questions and gush about books.

2. What do you think the role of community is in blogging?
It’s a great way to find new blogs and develop relationships.  I’d be totally overwhelmed if I didn’t have those two platforms from which to find blogs with similar focus to mine.

3. Blog comments, Twitter interactions and meaningful Facebook threads have decreased in the last several months. What are your thoughts on why that is?
Uh…they have?

See, this is where my main problem appears: I’m honestly not all that interested in the true community aspect.  My blog is neither my job nor my life – it’s a hobby, and I dedicate an appropriate amount of time to it.  I don’t spend hours visiting new blogs – I just revisit the ones I know I like.  I don’t self-market besides posting to Twitter and occasionally Facebook.  It doesn’t completely ruin my day if my views are low, and while I would enjoy getting more comments, my health and happiness is not hung up on it.  I don’t even go to Twitter or the FBFF Facebook page often enough to notice a decrease in activity.  I just write and hope that one or two people comment to show they’ve read it and appreciated it.

4. How do you cultivate community around your blog?
By cultivating relationships first.  It makes my day to have a conversation or share a fun fact with a fellow blogger, because I feel like I’m working on a friendship and not a networking connection.  I try to leave thoughtful comments and respond thoughtfully to comments left here, not to generate traffic, but to have true communication with my readers and other writers.

5. If you could make one resolution to be a better community member what would it be?
I’d like to be braver about posting on Facebook, not just in FBFF, but on my personal profile.  I catch myself trying to keep my blog a secret, or worrying over being one of those bloggers who only posts on Facebook or Twitter when she posts something on her blog.  I suppose a good resolution would be to use Facebook and Twitter more wisely.

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2 thoughts on “FBFF: Blogging Community

  1. I hear ya. Blogging is a hobby of mine but also a passion. I know it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there online so I try to show my support to other bloggers. The frustrating part is when they don’t reciprocate. Perhaps I should let it roll off my shoulders more…

    • I’ve only had a couple instances when I’ve linked to someone’s blog entry and they’ve left a comment thanking me. It feels nice and it makes me more inclined to include their stuff in the future! Of course I don’t expect it from bigger blogs – they have enough to do – but it just seems like a good PR move for a smaller blog, like writing a thank-you note after a job interview.

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