Links Lundi

Why – and more importantly, how – to get rid of “booth babes” at tech conferences: “What you end up with is the situation where you, as a conference goer, walk up to a booth and, because you’re no stranger to how this works, ignore any attractive woman and talk directly to a male at the booth. You assume immediately that any attractive female is there simply for their physical appearance, not for the value that their knowledge brings. This is wrong on every level, and it’s an insidious form of objectifying women – it happens gradually, over time, and the more booth babes you see, the more ingrained it becomes.”

From the Department of Awesome Girls: 11-year-old chases off armed burglars with curtain rod.

A good visual argument for wearing sunscreen, even if you don’t think you’re going to be in the sun.

I didn’t think I would, but I’m kinda digging the new Trina Turk collection at Banana Republic, especially this dress and the accessories.  What do you think?

Anglophiles and foodies will enjoy a glimpse at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee lunch menu.

In other England news, archaeologists have uncovered the remains of Shakespeare’s original, pre-Globe theatre!

Life lessons from a former Starbucks employee.

Brittneigh has been getting fit and feels awesome about it, so yay Brittneigh!  And Sarah just did a 5k, so yay for her, too!

The Book Of The Future.

Neil Gaiman writes about Ray Bradbury’s passing.


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