FBFF: After The Wearing

This week at FBFF, we’re talking about what happens to our clothes when we’re through with them.  Cue the funerary marches…

1. How often do you go through your closet to purge the things you no longer wear?
I don’t schedule it, but I try to do a purge every summer and winter when I switch out my seasonal items.  What usually happens is that I see something I haven’t worn in months while digging through a drawer, and I either resolve to wear it more or Goodwill it.

2. What do you do with the things you are through with?
I almost always donate them to Goodwill.  I’d like to consign more, but our local consignment shop has an age limit of something like one year, and I’m rarely ready to give up an item after such a short period of time.  Most of the stuff I get rid of is old, and it shows.  Goodwill turns its unwearable stuff into carpet and whatnot, so at least the things I’ve used up don’t just get thrown away.

3. Have you ever sold on consignment or through online boutiques? What has your experience been like?
The one time I tried to consign, my stuff got turned away, so…

4. More and more people are concerned about the fast rotation of fashion and how that is filling our landfills. What are you doing to decrease your clothing trash pile?
The only clothing I ever throw away is socks, underwear, and really gross shirts.  I’m not super handy with a needle, but I try to fix little holes and unraveling seams.  I’m a big fan of stain-stick, which has probably saved a few items from a stainy death.  I also just don’t buy a lot.  I don’t buy just to keep up on trends; I buy to replace items, or if I see something really cute and I happen to have terrible self-control.  Okay, I usually buy because I like something, and not because I need it, but that’s because it’s a pain to buy things when I actually need them.  That’s my excuse, anyway.

5. What’s been your favorite/best score from a thrift store or consignment shop?
My favorite “work” jeans are a pair of LOFT jeans I scored at a consignment shop in McMinnville.  They get a ton of wear and I spent around $20 for them!


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