Links Lundi

For anyone else who’s read “The Magicians.” SO TRUE.

Nine women and the anonymous care-package business they kept a secret for 30 years.

The delicate dance of control issues in terms of self-image.

You have until tomorrow night to enter the giveaway celebrating Reading In Skirts’ first birthday!

Also from Reading In Skirts: check out Fatsronauts, a new series taking on fat stereotypes.

Use your mornings better.  Pretty useful for me, considering the only thing I’d be able to put on a list like this is “drink more coffee.”

How to drink like your favorite writer.  Hopefully Ray Bradbury drank something that sounded tastier, because gin and whiskey concoctions aren’t really my thing… (via Desktop Retreat)

Homemade Pixie Stix.  HOMEMADE. PIXIE. STIX.


2 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. Aw, thanks for the link-up!

    I’d like to see a “how to drink like your favorite author” for if your favorite author isn’t a white dude, but I won’t make a fuss. (And that isn’t to say that some of my favorite authors aren’t white dudes, neither, it just became more and more noticeable as I scrolled down.)

    • Yeah, and I’d like to see some drinks that aren’t variations on whiskey or beer! Maybe Jhumpa Lahiri likes mojitos or something.

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