FBFF: What’s In Your Bag?

Today on FBFF we’re diving into the secret, mysterious, and sometimes horrifying world of a woman’s purse.  Hold onto your hats, folks.

Mine contains…

1. Wallet.  Well, duh.

2. Cosmetics bag with chapstick, floss, and that day’s lipstick.  Yeah, I carry floss.  If I ever have kids, apparently I’ll be that mom with a remedy for every disaster.

3. Kleenex.  I’m allergic to just about everything from February until October, at which point I develop a perpetual tiny cold.  Basically, I always need a tissue.

4. Ipod for driving tunes.

5. Receipts.  That’s what the very bottom of the purse is for, right?

6. A Luna Bar.  My second breakfast, for when I get hungry at work.

7. Migraine meds and general painkillers.  See #2.

8. Pens and pencils.  Actually, my pen exploded over the Pacific, so make that just pencils.

9. Moleskine planner.  I actually schedule my blog entries now, aren’t you guys proud?  The planner even comes with little stickers for stuff like doctor’s appointments and birthdays, just like my childhood Peter Rabbit calendars.

10. Folding hairbrush because apparently I’m still in seventh grade.

11. Tea bags.  Not even joking, there are two different types of English breakfast tea in my purse right now.

12. Hand lotion.

13. Hand sanitizer. I got in the habit of carrying it around while traveling, and now I don’t leave home without it.  It’s useful in a pinch.  Yeah, I know. #2.

Read the other entries here!  What kind of exciting stuff is hiding out in your bag?  Do you let things accumulate or do you practice regular purse-contents maintenance?


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