Use Your Gifts, No Matter What

I’m still not totally comfortable writing up original pieces about self-image.  I spend an embarassing amount of time wondering what to wear to work.  I get down on myself for spending time on things (like this blog) that don’t earn money.  I often feel lost and confused on my faith journey, which means I don’t feel like I have the right (or the knowledge, for that matter) to talk to anyone else about Jesus.  I don’t always feel “put-together,” which means I don’t feel like I have the right to tell anyone else how to put their lives together.

Then there’s the actual technical quality of my writing.  Everybody has anxiety over what people think of what they do, whether it’s making a meal, wearing an outfit, singing a song, or blogging.  We fear criticism.  We fear not being appreciated.  We convince ourselves that because we won’t be able to do something perfectly, we shouldn’t do it at all.

But really, who’s telling you you’re not even good enough to try?  Who’s telling you you’re not worthy?  Hopefully it’s just the nasty voice in your head.  If it’s another person, well, that’s another story, and that toxic person should be worked out of your life, because hey, you don’t have time for negativity and discouragement.

The fact is you’ve been given something: a gift, or an ability, a blessing, or a set of tools.  Call it whatever you like, but there are things that you are capable of doing that make you a contributing force in the world.  Using those gifts, whether or not you think you’re any good at them, is what you’re here to do.

So I may not have my life perfectly laid out.  I may not have won a Pulitzer or published sixteen self-help books.  But I was given the ability to write, the courage to blog, and the time to do both, which means I can still try to inspire.  I can try to encourage.  I can put some more positivity out there, and if you’re into that collective-consciousness stuff, maybe those little moments will snowball into people being happier, braver, and more fulfilled.  Maybe you and I will finally get that one spark of inspiration that we needed to commit once and for all to our goals, and the courage to use our gifts as they were intended.


One thought on “Use Your Gifts, No Matter What

  1. It seems like we had similar doubts about writing recently. And yes, please keep writing – it’s nice to get to know others with similar interests on the internet!

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