Thankful Thursday

1) Raspberry season.  We got a half-flat at the farmer’s market on Sunday and have a little less than half a pint left.  Raspberry season is second only to Christmas as the most awesome time of year.

2) Geeky friends (and husband).  It’s been an awesomely geeky week.  I went to the McMenamins Geek Trivia for the first time this week, and I had a friendly chat with another Doctor Who fan prompted by my TARDIS shirt.  At home, Kevin and I have been rewatching “Avatar” and remembering how M. Night Shyamalan botched the movie.  (Like how Movie-Iroh told Movie-Yue to kill herself…classy, M.)

3) M. Night Shyamalan doesn’t appear to be working on anything at the moment.

4) ComicCon goodies, like the sonic screwdriver universal remote and the new poster for “The Hobbit.”  And there’s more to come!

5) Three-day weekend!  We’re going to Hood River for the first time!  Anyone have recommendations for us?


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