Recommend A…Book By A Male Author

Recommend A

I’m not sure why this prompt needs to exist – maybe because YA authors are mostly female, and this is from a YA blog? – but my Goodreads list is pretty heavily dominated by male authors.  The heavyweights of the writing world have historically been white males (Hemingway, Steinbeck, Faulkner, Fitzgerald) and it’s still largely the case today (Jonathan Franzen, Cormac McCarthy, Philip Roth, Don Delilo, Dave Eggers).  Luckily we also have Toni Morrison, Jhumpa Lahiri, Maya Angelou, Isabel Allende, Joyce Carol Oates, Barbara Kingsolver, Amy Tan, Ann Patchett…

Okay, so that’s a pretty good list, but only a handful of those names carry the weight of Hemingway’s or even Franzen’s.  How about this, then: “Habibi” by Craig Thompson.

“Habibi” tells the story of Dodola and Zam, an Arab girl and the African boy she cares for.  Their stories separate, weave together, and jump back and forth – a lot like the Arabic script that Thompson emulates in his illustrations.  It’s a beautiful story in every sense of the word.


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