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RIP Sally Ride, first American woman in space.  (I’m a little irritated that the only reason I found out about her death was via an article about her coming out in her obituary – heaven forbid she be remembered for her incredible, pioneering accomplishments instead of her sexual orientation.  I’m pretty disappointed in the news outlets I follow for sensationalizing that instead of celebrating her career.)

Great moments in Olympic Games history.

It’s old news now, but Julie’s petition to get “Seventeen” to use less airbrushing was successful!  The ads (the worst offenders, in my opinion) won’t be changing, but the magazine has vowed to not alter the faces or bodies of their models (which they say they weren’t doing already) and to document the photoshoot process to show how their images evolve.  This is a good start, but the big loophole concerns the models themselves: teeny girls exist, and they’ll continue to be used as the default until we demand more variety.  “Seventeen” can easily avoid not photoshopping their models’ bodies if they start with the “right” girls in the first place.

Some cute for your day: babies nomming on pets, and vice versa.

Continental and United flight attendents deal with uncertainty related to their airlines’ merger by organizing a tie and scaf swap: “It’s like pen pals meet The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”

UMass Amhert’s a cappella group Doo Wop Shop busts out the greatest Disney medley you’ll ever see.

Via Yes And Yes: kill Internet trolls with kindness.


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