30 Days No Repeats: Days 4-6

So you know how the bloggers are sometimes criticized for only showing the best bits and not capturing real life?  Here’s my entry to prove otherwise.

I cheated massively for Day 4 because I won’t be wearing this dress anytime in the next month, for any occasion.  Here’s a lazy, barely-edited snapshot to further disprove the theory that bloggers are lying perfectionists:

Dress: Target
Belt: Kohl’s
Sandals: Naturalizer, from Macy’s
Earrings: gift

DANG that dress gets wrinkly!  It fits great and it’s super versatile and I love the color, but as soon as I move, it crinkles up like a potato chip.

The best part of this outfit was getting to wear my wedding earrings again:

Here’s my uber-fail: I didn’t even bother with Day 5.

Day 5

(not pictured)

It was a Sunday, I’d already cheated too much to use the outfit I wore to church (another outfit that wouldn’t have reentered my lineup anyway), and the temperature was in the high 90s all weekend.  Those temperatures may not faze some of you, but ’round these parts, that’s too hot for real clothes.  Once I got home and changed, the only thing I wanted to do was lie around and watch men’s water polo.

I went back to work and got back in gear for Day 6:

Lace top: Nordstrom Rack
Tee: Nordstrom Rack
Skirt: Loft Outlet
Earrings: Premier Designs
Necklace: gift

I got the tee for a Halloween costume and immediately ran out of ways to wear it.  I’ve never been a fan of crewnecks, and the color is, well, not the prettiest.  Pairing it with the black lace gives it a glam vibe, though, and makes both pieces more work-friendly.  The girly jewelry (hey look, a bracelet!) helps, too.


6 thoughts on “30 Days No Repeats: Days 4-6

  1. Haha, I’m not sure I would have even noticed the crinkles and wrinkles in the dress if you hadn’t said anything, and I still think it looks great on you–the color and fit and all. Wrinkles happen to all of us, and anybody who says otherwise is a jerk and a liar. So there!

    Also, that picture from your wedding is totally sweet and makes me smile a lot. 🙂 See? SEE??

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