Recommend A…Book Someone Else Recommended

Almost a year ago I borrowed a big stack of books from Kevin’s sister.  We have very similar reading tastes, so I got a little carried away, and borrowed more books than I could ever hope to read in a reasonable amount of time.  One of them was “Daughter of Fortune” by Isabel Allende.

I love love love Isabel Allende.  Okay, I’ve only read “Daughter of Fortune” and her coming-of-age take on the Zorro legend, but I loved them, and I want to read more of her books.  The protagonist of “Daughter of Fortune” is Eliza, an orphan living with a wealthy young English spinster and her minister brother in 1840s Chile.  When she falls in love for the first time and ends up pregnant, she follows her lover to California, where he’s hoping to strike it rich in the gold rush.  Along the way, she develops a keen set of survival skills and learns more about herself and what she’s capable of.  By the time she locates her lover, she isn’t sure she needs or even wants him anymore.  Eliza develops into a courageous, witty, and caring young woman, and it’s a great pleasure to see her reach personal fulfillment.  Despite the heavyweight authorship, “Daughter of Fortune” is a fairly easy read.  I can see this being a satisfying read for a reader at any age.

What recommended books have you enjoyed reading yourself?  Which backfired?


2 thoughts on “Recommend A…Book Someone Else Recommended

  1. I was recommended The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation Vol. 1: The Pox Party, by M. T. Anderson (woof, that book has a long title) by my book-bloggin’ buddy Jessica, and it pretty much ended up blowing my mind. So good, so intense! On the other hand, my brother lent me his copy of Vineland, by Thomas Pynchon, and I…never got past page 20. I might try again, but something tells me it’s just not going to be my kinda book. I don’t doubt that it’s my brother’s kind of book, though. (Maybe you need to like hallucinogens in order to get it.)

    • I kind of felt the same way about “Slaughterhouse 5.” I tried really hard to appreciate it, since it’s zomg classic, but it was over my weird threshold. And yet I really like Italo Calvino, who is pretty much the epitome of weird.

      Also, the Goodreads synopsis of “Vineland” makes it sound deceptively normal.

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