30 Days No Repeats: Days 10-11

It’s so hot this week Portland hardly knows what to do with itself.  Kevin and I went on a well-shaded hike (more like a brisk outdoor walk) and by the time we got home, all we wanted to do was go swimming in a lake full of ice cubes.

Instead I got dressed in my Day 10 outfit and we went to see “Bourne Legacy” in a comfy air-conditioned theater.  (Has anyone else seen it?  I thought it was just kind of okay, despite Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz being awesome at what they do.)

Maxi as skirt: Loft Outlet
Tee: Banana Republic Outlet
Belt & flip-flops: Target
Earrings: gift

This is the opposite of what I did last year to max (har) out this dress’s usability, and while it went well, I think next time I’d go with a more structured shirt.  This one was too thin and the seams of the dress showed through.  Maybe I’ll be really brave this fall and wear it with a long-sleeved button-up blouse…


Day 11:

I cheated again and wore something photogenic to church, then changed into clothing more apt for 90-degree weather.  Hint: it did not include a freakin’ sweater, what was I thinking…

Dress: Romy
Bolero: Target
Sandals: Steve Madden, from Nordstrom
Beads: Maurices
Earrings: gift

I don’t get Romy.  They constantly have “clearance” sales and the store always seems half-empty, but their stuff is really cute.  What’s the catch?  Is it going to fall apart in a month?  I don’t really mind, because it cost $17 and I’ve been looking for a summery white lace dress for approximately my entire life.  This baby isn’t see-through, is a decent length, and has flattering shape.  And did I mention that it only cost $17?  This here is a miracle of a dress.  I’m looking forward to styling it like my Day 10 outfit and using it as a skirt.  Now all I need to do is never spill on it.


3 thoughts on “30 Days No Repeats: Days 10-11

  1. That bolero sweater is adorable, but even looking at it makes me feel sweaty. Today it was only 91 here, wheeeeeee. The constant heat has been making me delirious…

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