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Sara Koffi is on a mission to make the kind of movie Hollywood usually refuses to make: “Class Dismissed is about Christy Taylor, a plus-sized escort and her college roommate, Aubrey, who has some coming out to do. I knew that it had to be a comedy for two reasons. First, I wanted people who felt they were the punchline or the tragic figure much too often in the media to have a piece of joyful entertainment to revel in. Second, I wanted to prove that it’s 100% possible to create something funny, endearing and sweet without being completely offensive and instead pretty inclusive. I wanted to honestly create counter-media, what should serve as the answer to problematic imagery that rarely gets seriously challenged.”  Sound cool?  Support her movie and get your name in the credits!

Four Ways The London Games Have Made Me Proud To Be British.  I love the idea of painting a mailbox (excuse me, “postbox”) gold to commemorate a winner.

Check out Darth Vader, pre-James Earl Jones voiceover:

(In other outer-space news, be on Mars!)

Winona talks about how skimpier summer clothes affected her body image.

One brave blogger demonstrates why shopping for jeans takes forever – and why it’s ultimately worth it.

One woman decided to stop shaving and made an interesting discovery: most people don’t care.  (via Already Pretty)


2 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. Thanks for linking up to the Class Dismissed contribution page–I hadn’t heard about it and it sounds great, so I chipped in a bit!

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