101 In 1001: Day 365

Today marks the end of my first year of 101 in 1001.  Since I’m sick and taking a break from 30 Days No Repeats, this is a good time to reflect on my first 365 days of goal-meeting:

1) I’ve set new goals without meaning to.  For example, I’ll be running my first 5k with some friends in September – something I definitely wouldn’t have planned to do on my own, but something that I’m working toward as a physical fitness goal.  Will I put a 10k on my list for next time?  Probably not, but I’m getting a better idea of the fitness level I want to reach, and I’m finally getting into a habit of exercising regularly – which means I’m meeting #85.  I could set more specific fitness-related goals for next time, like running multiple miles at a time, which would have seemed impossible when I made this list last August.

2) I aimed a little high.  This is just a guess, but I’m probably not going to make it to Vancouver, Victoria, the Oregon coast, Seattle, and DC in the next two years.  Yeah.  Weird, right?  Pretty much knew that was going to happen, but you know, given the choice between taking fifteen vacations and buying our first house, I’ll probably go with the house.  Maybe.  If only to get away from the annoying kids at our apartment complex.

On the other hand, I think we can be better with our money and still afford some mini-getaways.  We don’t need to fly to DC, but we can find an inexpensive hotel on the coast, or even (cringe) go camping.  We can make most of it work – it’ll just take some fiddling.

3) I need more culture.  I’ve gone to a whopping zero museums, seen no plays, and read only two classic books.  (Two and two-thirds, technically, but “East of Eden” is gigantic, you guys.  It’s gonna take a while.)  I also failed to attend any Willamette Writers meetings while I was a member, and I haven’t been to Wordstock yet.  Oops.

4) I need to work harder.  I’m lazy.  I haven’t made the time to write nearly as much as I ought to, which means I’ve done very few writing challenges and finished maybe one short story.  The only good chunk of writing-related evidence I can show is the number of contests I entered – but those were mostly motivated by money.  Yet while my writing is suffering, I’m actually working out three to four days a week for the first time in my life, and that’s because I set a schedule.  Which means…

5) …I need to schedule other areas of my life.  I need to be more willing to sacrifice my evenings to work on writing, because hey, that’s when I have time.  I need to be better about turning off the Internet when I need to get stuff done.  I need to think more about where I’d like to be in five years as a person: really good at Halo, or with a finished manuscript finally under my belt?


One thought on “101 In 1001: Day 365

  1. Well done establishing a workout schedule. I’ve also discovered that making it routine makes it easier to be consistent in the long term.

    You know, I started to make my own 101 in 1001, but I had trouble coming up with more than 50 goals. Maybe I’ll take another stab at that.

    Keep up your hard work! It is inspiring.

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