Links Lundi

You have two more days to sign up for Booklust’s “More Diverse Universe,” in which you’ll commit to read one fantasty/sci-fi/speculative book by an author of color!  Even if you don’t want to do the challenge, peruse their links for fantastic ideas of POC authors to check out. (via Nisaba Be Praised)

An interesting way of looking at style: dressing to honor your body.

Katie gets style inspiration from her childhood self.  Equal parts “aww” and applicable!

The Thunderbird Hotel had been abandoned for seven years.  During that time, I drove past it at least twice a year on my way back and forth to college and always wondered what its story was, why it was abandoned, what its name was.  I didn’t even learn it was called the Thunderbird until it burned down last weekend.  These beautiful shots from this past May gave us a glimpse inside, and in spite of the hotel sitting there empty for so long, it’s sad to think the building is finally gone.

279 Nights To Overnight Success is a free (!) download that I should absolutely be reading.

I approve of this shirt.


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