Top Ten Tuesday: I Want To Meet…

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we will post a new Top Ten list that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join.

This week we’re daydreaming about the top ten bookish people we want to meet.  We’re not limited to just authors – pretty much anyone involved in the process of creating, reading, and discussing books qualifies.

1. JK Rowling goes without saying.  I’d be especially curious to talk to her about her research process (because pretty much every name in Harry Potter has meaning) and how she shifted from young-adult to adult fiction.

2. Cleolinda has written scads of parodies and scathing recaps of current movies and books, and much of my knowledge of “Twilight” is thanks to her.  She is opinionated and hilarious and I wish we were friends so I could watch stupid movies with her.

3. Neil Gaiman is, by all accounts, a nice dude and extremely fun to be around.  He travels so much, either with his wife or for his books, that it seems pretty much guaranteed that I’ll run into him sometime…or so I hope.

4. Someday I would very much like to get together with Mia and Katie to talk, rant, squee, and otherwise carry on about books.  Mia in particular has encouraged me to expand my reading interests to include more diverse subjects and authors.

5. Ray Bradbury.  Yes, he’s gone, but I would have loved to have coffee with Mr. Bradbury and just let him ramble.

6. Elizabeth Gilbert.  I haven’t read “Eat Pray Love” and I don’t plan to for a variety of reasons, but her TED Talk convinced me that she is a level-headed, life-loving, enthusiastic woman who loves the craft of writing and who would just be a blast to chat with for a while.

7. Mumford & Sons.  Tons of their songs are based on literary works: “The Cave” references “The Odyssey,” “Timshel” is pretty much word-for-word “East of Eden,” and “Dustbowl Dance” also draws from Steinbeck.  Their website even features a book club!  Basically I have a gigantic crush on Marcus Mumford and his big musical literary genius brain.

8. I hope that Stan Lee would be as eccentric and clever in person as he is in documentaries and on Twitter.  What nerd wouldn’t want to pick his brain over the creation of so many iconic characters?

9. Whoever invented the e-book.  I wonder what they think about the current state of publishing and whether they regret anything.

10. Stephenie Meyer, just to get her to explain herself.

Who would you want to meet?  Check out the other TTTs here!  (They brought up Kate Beaton and Nathan Fillion, both of whom I’d want to hang out with anyway, but Fillion even moreso after learning he helped start a reading charity.)


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: I Want To Meet…

    • Definitely check out more Mumford & Sons – you’re just in time for their new CD next week! I think they have been inspired by/toured with the Avett Brothers so that makes sense! I haven’t gotten into them as much but they’re also a fun listen.

  1. I can’t believe I missed this post before, Laura! I think it goes without saying that I’d love to hang out with you and Katie ANYTIME, because you two are some smart cats (and also the coolest). I dunno if I can list who I’d want to meet, otherwise–I’m usually too nervous when I meet celebrities and people I admire to enjoy myself! Other awesome bloggers are good enough for me. :3

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