Thankful Thursday

Whoops!  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these lists.

1) It’s still sunny!  I’m happy, but also a little baffled and suspicious.  Does this mean once the rain starts, it won’t stop until July?  Whatever, I’m just going to go take several more Vitamin D-filled walks while I still can.

2) I did a 5K!  My friends and I did the Color Run last weekend!  We walked it because my friend‘s knee is basically gone, but still, spending a sunny morning doing a healthy walk for a good cause and getting doused with colored powder in the process was pretty darn fun.  Now my goal is to maintain the workout schedule I set to prepare for it, and to keep an eye out for other 5Ks to conquer.

3) Life Groups started up again! One of our priorities when looking for a church was a young-adults small-group thing, and we’ve found an awesome one. Nothing quite like discussing a Bible verse and then segueing into a critique of Hammer pants.

4) I’m on a reading roll!  I finally (OMG FINALLY) finished “East of Eden,” which was an incredible read, even though it took months and months and months.  Now I’m on track to cross a few more books off my 2012 reading list and maybe meet all of my goals!

5) I made shortbread!  This was a couple weeks ago, but hey, I made shortbread, my favorite cookie and probably one of my top 5 favorite foods.  It was terrifyingly easy and even worse for me than I thought (the butter…so much butter…).  Next up: cheesecake.

What are you grateful for these days?


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. The sun! Yes! We still had her out today too. Probably the last time for a while, though. *highfive* on the 5K! I love a good, long walk. East of Eden was one of my fave reads last year. Steinbeck rocks! Truly. Shortbread? Yum. Yeah, it’s all about the butter.

    • Delicious, delicious butter. More shortbread plus more 5ks should pretty much break even fitness-wise, right? I think so.

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