Outfit Post: Colored Denim

The big question is, what color?

Sweater: H&M
Tee: Ann Taylor Outlet
Jeans: Target
Boots: Nordstrom Rack
Earrings: Claires

I paired this sweater with these jeans expecting to do some oh-so-daring color mixing, but then the pants just ended up looking really…brown.  The first color that comes to mind when I look at them on their own is “plum,” and they look more plum-colored when I wear them with neutrals, but this berry sweater definitely wins the color battle.

Kevin has a sweatshirt that plays the what-color-am-I game.  It’s a perfectly ordinary zip-up hoodie, aside from the fact that it apparently has magical properties.  I was with him when he bought it, and we agreed in the store that it was olive green, and that it would be a nice addition to his wardrobe since he doesn’t have much green stuff.  Then we got it home, took it out of the bag, and saw that it was suddenly gray.  Depending on the light and what he’s wearing with it, it can be any shade in between.

At any rate, happy Love Your Body Day!  I wore this a few days ago, but I’m posting it today because it demonstrates how my relationship with my body has evolved, and is still evolving.  It would be easy for me to point out what I don’t like about my appearance in this outfit: my legs look gawky; I’m not a fan of how I look with my hair back; the sweater eradicates all traces of curves.

But here’s what I do like: those legs have been building muscle as I run more.  I feel like a warrior in those boots.  I like the curves I have, whether or not they show under my cozy sweater.  My body is healthy, nimble, and fun to dress up.  It’s good at running and eating and painting and writing and cooking and reading and driving and all the other things I like and need to do in this world.  I’m not gung-ho ecstatic about it, but I am grateful for it and happy in it.  How about you?


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