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Already Pretty readers send messages to their younger selves.

Also from Already Pretty: top ten ways to remember you’re beautiful. Absolutely in love with that video.

Also also from Already Pretty, a great piece about the Size Acceptance movement: “Living in a constant barrage of shame, stigma, and oppression is not great for you and it turns out that if you bombard people with the message that they should hate their bodies, they will often do exactly that.”

Why 6-year-old girls want to be sexy.

Pandora recently introduced me to the incredible Melody Gardot, a Grammy-nominated jazz musician who suffered brain damage after a car struck her while biking.  She started writing songs and performing as part of her recovery, and now she’s a proponent of music therapy!

Disney’s first Latina princess, Sofia, debuts on November 18th – but controversy is swirling over her light skin and blue eyes.  Some say it’s great that a Hispanic character breaks the dark-skinned, dark-eyed stereotype; others are concerned that it’s yet another instance of whitewashing and a missed opportunity to have a more representative heroine.  What do you think?


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    • Anytime! Sorry that first link on the subject was one hundred percent wrong – I’ve put in the one that was supposed to be there. >_>

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