Links Lundi

It’s soup season! Celebrate by sampling these scrumptious suggestions.

Katy rocks a nontraditional fuchsia pencil skirt and black military jacket for a fun office look.  (Fun fact: I hate the word “fuchsia.” It puts my teeth on edge.)

Interesting article about the “war on fat” and its connection to Big Pharma: “The study was terminated, however, not for this reason – after all, it defined a 5 percent weight loss as “success” – but because after 11 years the group that had made the lifestyle changes did not exhibit any lower risk for cardiovascular disease or stroke than the control group.”

In other outrageous body news: Did you know American women were originally instructed to shave by razor advertisements?  The practice of women shaving was literally made up to sell more razors.  And now the same thing is being done in China. Is there a word for how ridiculous all this is? (via Already Pretty)

Pitch in for Matika Wilbur’s Kickstarter, 562, and fund her project to document all 562 federally recognized Native American tribes.

How to write a cover letter, courtesy of Eudora Welty.

Four ways to show someone you love ’em.

An open letter to Ann Coulter after she calls the President a retard on Twitter.  New low, Miss Coulter.


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