Dear everyone,

You are great, and I want to keep in touch with you, but there’s a lot going on right now and I catch myself forgetting that this blog exists sometimes.  More incomplete, prematurely-scheduled blog posts have sneaked into the public eye than I’d like to admit, which means it’s time to call an official hiatus.  (Do any of you think that “hiatus” is an awesome word, or am I the only one?)  I love blogging and I love the other bloggers I’ve “met,” but I have so much on my plate right now that even Ruby Bastille has to get shelved for a while.

Some things I’ll be doing instead of blogging:

  • working on my book(s)
  • planning for the holidays
  • traveling for said holidays
  • trying to find a house to buy
  • commuting
  • figuring out ways to not have to commute
  • working for our church
  • actually seeing my friends sometimes

But I’ll be back!  And I’ll be keeping in touch.  In the meantime, y’all should check out the blogroll because I’ve reorganized it and added some wonderful new self-image blogs that deserve a visit.

Thank you for reading and commenting!  Knowing that I am not yelling into the void – and even better, actually making some friends along the way – has made it all worth it.

Talk to you soon,



2 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. I hope the time off does you well, Laura! I’ll be missing your posts about books and bodies (you’ve had some great ones lately), but I know how it can be, and I’m excited for all the stuff you’ve got going in the way that only a distant online friend can be. 🙂

    • Thank you! Sorry for my horrifically late reply – we found a house and have spent the last 2 weeks moving and visiting family, which means I’ve had time for exactly zero blogging. Oh and we won’t have internet at the house until the 4th, so there’s that. But I’m thinking I’ll be back soon. 🙂

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