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If any of you listen to The Takeaway this morning on NPR, you’ll hear…me!  The show put together a crowdsourced poem in honor of the inauguration today, and my line was one of the ones they chose!  They spliced together a full poem using our recordings and it should play – I think – on the show today.  If not, you can bet I’ll be linking to the show once it’s available online! I found out they’d selected my line at work and I may have done a Kermit flail at my desk.

EDIT: The poem is online!  My reading didn’t make it in – apparently my recording skills are not up to snuff – but still.  Commence Kermit flailing!

Like this.

Photos lie.  Don’t listen to them!

From the folks who wrote about the absence of women in historical fiction due to “historical accuracy,” here’s a cool piece about some TV shows starring awesome women from history.

Looking for reading/viewing material that already exists?  The comments on this Captain Awkward post are loaded with great books, shows, and webcomics created by women.

They’re relaunching X-Men with an all-female cast.  You, like me, probably scoffed, but…they’re wearing clothes.  And they’re posing in ways that aren’t too terribly ridiculous.  And Psylocke and Kitty Pryde are in it.  And they brought back Mohawk Storm.  And the writer claims to want to challenge the double-standard on female sexuality in comics.  I was going to grumble about Jubilee, but then someone in the comments asked if she was still a vampire, and I had no idea she was a vampire, but that sounds kind of awesome, so…I guess I’m in.  Fingers crossed.

And finally, how to get the body you’ve always wanted.


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