Thankful Thursday

1) Our new house! It’s ~*new*~, and I still can’t quite believe that new construction even existed in our price range, but we got it, and it’s awesome.  We can do laundry whenever we want, Kevin can scream at the TV during hockey games, and we can have friends over and be loud as late as we can…which is only like eleven these days, but still. We are ridiculously blessed.

2) Having a garage.  I haven’t gotten to regularly park in a garage since 2005. Goodbye, ice scraper; goodbye, moss growing on windows; hello, leisurely time to unload groceries!

3) Having stairs. My calves feel more buff already!

4) Decorating opportunities. At first the sheer amount of possibility was a little overwhelming.  I made a Pinterest board a was very careful to not overload it – and, more importantly, to actually go back and look at the things I wanted to do instead of continuing to search for more good ideas.

5) Tea. Can I just keep saying tea in every TT post? I’m always thankful for tea, especially this week, when I’m downing four or five cups a day to tame a raging sore throat.  (If y’all could pray that this doesn’t turn into the monster flu that’s going around, I would appreciate it.)

6) A husband who can do taxes. Me and numbers, we don’t get along so good. I may be responsible for payroll at work, but I draw the line at taxes.

7) Superbowl Sunday! For me, it’s an excuse to party and eat tons of food that’s terrible for you but delicious.  Maybe I’ll make more of those Hug/pretzel things


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