Links Lundi

In the wake of a brutal gang rape and subsequent mass protest in India, an Indian newspaper has put out ads calling for men to behave better. What do you think of them?

While we’re on the subject of male/female relationships, Rosel weighs in on the Nice Guys of OKCupid phenomenon.  “Phenomenon” isn’t the quite the right word, though…more like “train wreck.”

Via Smart Pretty & Awkward: the Story Starter! Can I have a Story Finisher now?

These fashion-blog bloopers make me feel better about (eventually) getting back to posting outfit photos.  Now all I need to do is remember to take them…(via Yes And Yes)

Things that are better in theory than reality.  I would add eating an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s, socialism, and putting tons of books on hold at the library. (Because they always become available all at once, and then I can’t read them!)

I just discovered Amalah and now mommy blogs will never be the same again.


2 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. Like the blogger at the Frisky, I am torn about the Indian-newspaper ad. It just seems to lead back ’round to that “treat your lady like a princess” thing instead of “treat your lady like…a human being?” I mean, it’s a nice effort, but.

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