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I could spend hours on this: the New York Times’ Red Carpet Project.  Sort dresses (and menswear) by year, color, and silhouette.  Or find your favorite celebrity or designer and see how their style has evolved! (Related: their analysis of red carpet trends. Apparently Versace is the most popular designer!)

Loved this guest post on Already Pretty: I’m not pregnant, I’m fat.

Forbes is already backpedaling after readers pointed out that its list of the most promising CEOs under 35 did not contain any women:

“This is a sub-list pulled from our ranking of America’s Most Promising Companies, which was produced by judging companies based on growth, quality of investors and management, market size, margins, and software algorithms…There are several female CEOs and founders in our Most Promising ranking, (many are highlighted here) but none below 35 years of age.”

Two on that list of highlights actually are under 35 – Amy Callahan is 33; Dana Caldwell, creator of Menchie’s, is 34 – but whatever.  I guess since they’re not current CEOs, they don’t count?

Katie from Interrobangs Anonymous and Museums Askew directed me to this incredible handmade TARDIS dress – and the idiotic comments made about the creator’s size.

Alicia sent me this:

And finally, Sarah sent me this:

Thanks for reading and contributing! Your finds made me smile…except for the morons insulting TARDIS Dress Girl, but hey, the dress was amazing, and now the fat-shamers have been outed.  I’ll call it a win.

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