Links Lundi

In China, an American woman was beaten by her Chinese husband and won a landmark divorce settlement while giving voice to thousands of abuse victims.  What made me want to stand up and cheer was this line: “‘I did not want to teach my daughters, ‘No one can beat you because you’re American.’ I wanted to teach them, ‘No one can beat you because you’re a person, you’re a woman.'”

Girl With Curves reinterprets interview wear with three different levels of formality.

“It became pretty clear that my cosplay brings all the racists to the yard, and they’re like…white cosplay is better than yours.”

Some tips on how to love yourself.

I want to do this someday.  And by “someday” I mean, like, “this spring.”

I loved this post about our career paths not quite going the way we thought they would.  My early career interests included fashion designer (I came thisclose to applying at FIDM for costume design) and National Geographic photographer (until I realized that most destinations involved malaria).  “Writer” has been on the list pretty much forever, and I empathized with Lauren’s frustration at never really being a writer. It’s always on the fringes, tempting you to abandon everything and embrace it.


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