How To Make A Jewelry Board

We have a walk-in closet now.  It’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.  When we first moved in, we joked that it could be our third guest room, after the actual guest room and the Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs.  It’s big enough to fit my entire dresser inside, but it also had a big blank wall that finally gave me the opportunity to try out a jewelry board!

My jewelry box is pretty well organized, but I still tend to wear the same stuff over and over, and anything that didn’t fit in the box never got worn, because I’d forget it existed.  A board would help me keep things tidier and get better use out of the ridiculous amount of jewelry I have.

Making it was even simpler than I expected.  I used:

jewelry board

I’ve had the bulletin board since forever, but it hasn’t gotten much use since I graduated.  I used two or three pins to hang up the frame, which I got from Craft Warehouse.  It’s an optional feature, but if you’re looking to make your own, the frame creates a nice space for earrings or special necklaces to live.


Stick pins inside the frame to hang pairs of earrings.



I saw one blogger use upside-down cup-style cabinet pulls as baskets for stud earrings, which seemed brilliant until I actually went to buy them.  Those suckers have inch-long screws coming out of them, which doesn’t work so well in a standard bulletin board.  My solution was to just treat my stud earrings like all the other earrings and hang them, this time by using the loops in their backs.


Bigger earrings got one pin each.  I also hung up a mask I’d made for a formal in college (one of the first times, if not the first, I danced with Kevin):


Next went the necklaces.  For the chunky beaded necklaces that couldn’t fit over a pin, I put up a larger hook I’d used long ago for my purse:


Earrings that couldn’t be hung up went back in the jewelry box, along with my pendants and other jewelry that for one reason or another couldn’t go on the board.  (The chains for the pendants, which I use interchangeably, are hung left of the orange hood.)  The box also houses my ginormous lost-wax-casting LOTR brooch, which I made in a high school science class, oh yes, that happened:


Now there was room for my bracelets to go out on a tray on my dresser.  Again, the goal was visibility – if I see them every day, I’ll be more likely to actually wear them!


I’ve been displaying and storing my Magnabilities inserts on this canister for a while, but this is a good opportunity to show it off:

And here’s the final product!


Total cost: around $12, for the frame and pins, and the frame was kind of a splurge at $10. The board makes getting ready way easier, especially now that I don’t have to fish for any earrings that have lost their mate.  And I’m doing better at wearing the things that previously got lost in the backs of drawers.  Yay!

How do you handle jewelry organization?  Share your creations in the comments!


4 thoughts on “How To Make A Jewelry Board

  1. That’s really lovely! I’ve considered doing something like that, but I don’t have a space that it would really work in. I have a pretty box with 12 drawers my mother gave me that keeps things sorted pretty well, along with a small jewelry box and a vase that all the big chunky things get dumped into, but I’m still “re-discovering” things on a regular basis and wearing the same things over and over and over.

  2. Haha, I just did this the lazy way (ie bought a corkboard, pinned necklaces to cork board, said “good enough”). I like the frame part, that’s a good idea!

    • I’ve seen some jewelry boards that are way more complicated, which was part of what held me back from doing one…but it doesn’t need to be complicated! Lazy is okay! Mine was kinda lazy, too. 😛

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