Links Lundi

Via The Beheld: a rebuttal of the can-we-just-rename-them-already Good Men Project’s piece on how hard (no pun intended) it is on men when women wear yoga pants. (Okay, pun intended, a little bit. But seriously, Graziano’s piece is idiotic. I haven’t even dared read the other piece Caitlin linked to because I can only handle so much outrage in one month.)

How to thrift the spring 2013 trends!

From the writer behind Smart Pretty & Awkward, here’s 4 ways to avoid getting distracted by social media.

This is the best thing ever: 6 women who weigh 154 pounds. (via Yes And Yes)

Also via Yes And Yes, something I read a while ago and which should have been bookmarked and read every day after that: Write Like A Motherf***er. “I’d lowered myself to the notion that the absolute only thing that mattered was getting that extra beating heart out of my chest. Which meant I had to write my book.”

Thin women need to be part of the body image conversation: “We are told in millions of tiny and screamingly loud ways every day that fat is gross, horribly unhealthy, ugly, and unacceptable. Even thin girls and women often fight hard, and sometimes dangerously, to be thinner, because we have learned that thinner is always better.”

And finally, in case you missed it: Seth MacFarlane and feminism fatigue.


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