Top Ten Tuesday: Owned but Unread

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we will post a new Top Ten list that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join.

This week we’re scanning our shelves for the ten books we couldn’t resist getting…but still haven’t gotten around to reading.  Which pretty much describes my entire bookshelf.

1) “Captain Alatriste” by Arturo Perez-Reverte. It’s got swashbuckling and intrigue! But I’ve owned it for going on six or seven years now, and still haven’t read it.

2) “Rasputin’s Daughter” by Robert Alexander.  Pre-revolutionary Russia as viewed by Rasputin’s eldest daughter, Maria.

3) “King Solomon’s Mines” by H. Rider Haggard.  This would feed two of my literary interests: colonial/post-colonial lit and jungle adventures.  I have a beautiful box set of Quatermain books and I’ve yet to read any of them.

4) “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil” by John Berendt.  Okay, this one was borrowed, not bought, but I borrowed it three years ago and I still need to read it.

5) “Spies of the Balkans” by Alan Furst. I’ve read most Furst books, but after I grabbed this one and “Spies of Warsaw” during the Great Borders Closing, I never got around to reading it. “Warsaw” won because I found out they were making a miniseries of it starring David Tennant.

6) “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova.  I got this one in hardcover for $1 at our library’s bookshop.  Hardcover! $1! How could I say no? Too bad I rarely read hardcovers since I can’t bring them with me if I go somewhere – especially this one, which is approximately the size of a dictionary.

7) “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” by Susanna Clarke. I picked this at a book exchange party, but it’s so thick, I’ve been too intimidated to start it.

8) “The Piano Teacher” by Janice Y. K. Lee.  Another Great Borders Closing purchase, another hardcover languishing on my shelves.

9) “The Book of Fires” by Jane Borodale.  Seventeen-year-old secretly pregnant Agnes gets apprenticed to a fireworks maker, presumably learns how to  be awesome.

10) “Eye in the Sky” by Philip K. Dick. I got this as part of a grand plan to become better-versed in Golden Age science fiction.  Have I read anything besides Bradbury yet?  Nope.

What’s languishing on your shelves, waiting to be read?


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Owned but Unread

  1. #4 & #6 are really good books! I hope you get to them soon. #2 looks like something pretty good too – I’ll have to look into that one myself.

  2. For the record, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell moves at a pretty good pace once you get into it. I actually still wanted there to be more after I was done–I’m planning to try and get her book of short stories (some? of which are at least tangentially related to JS&MT). As for books I’ve gotten and still haven’t read…oy. One of the books that’s been haunting me is The Once and Future King, which my mom gave to me as a gift some years ago because she liked it so much as a teenager–like some of your choices, it’s a gigantic hardcover, which makes for difficult transportation. I should just make it a bedtime read and leave it on my nightstand. (After I finish The Anvil of the World by Kage Baker, that is…)

    • Er, planning to try and get it next time I go to the library. Started that thought and distracted myself into leaving it unfinished.

    • Ooh, Anvil of the World sounds fun. I feel like you mentioned it before, but now I’ve added it to my (admittedly extremely long) wish list.

  3. Ooo, #2 sounds good.

    I have a stack of hardcovers I bought at a booksale recently, but I’m re-reading Anne McCaffery’s Freedom series instead. None of the new books are sci-fi, and that’s what I wanted.

    • Book sales are so dangerous. I went to one for a public library a couple years ago, not knowing that my husband also went to buy a couple books to surprise me – I wound up with 5 books, none of which I’ve read yet!

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