Links Lundi

Picasso’s portraits of women, recreated in photography.

If you’re interested in supporting Steubenville’s Jane Doe, there are a couple ways to do so: donate for and leave a message at Madden House, a women’s shelter near Steubenville, and sign the petition requesting CNN apologize for their coverage of the verdict.

The staff of The Frisky offers their tips for functioning as a sisterhood: “There is so much hype in the media about how women are catty mean girl bitches and office places full of women are full of drama. I won’t lie that there isn’t truth to the stereotype of a group of women having more complex and intense emotions than a co-ed workplace — [but] the simple fact is we work well together because we choose to work well together.”

Also via The Frisky: Chicago Public Schools bans the graphic novel Persepolis (boo), then changes their minds (yay!).

Speaking of books, what do you think of book cover redesigns?

Loved this illustration of a Carl Sagan quote about books.

Finally, from the Department of Random: an a cappella take on “Gangnam Style.” This is why I love the Internet.


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