Outfit Post: Purple & Pearls

So I got this dress for free.

DSCN1654_2Dress: Forever 21, Goodwill Outlet
Jeans & boots: Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Kohl’s
Earrings: gift


Have you guys ever been to a Goodwill Outlet?  It was…a unique experience, one that I’m not really interested in repeating.  Everything at the outlet is stashed in giant bins, vaguely sorted into categories of clothing, linens, and everything else.  You’re likely to come across multiple pairs of boxer briefs while rummaging.  If you manage to find anything worth getting (this dress is the only thing I spotted), you pay by weight, and it’s insanely cheap.  This dress would have only cost around a dollar, but then my friend included it with her purchases since I drove to the outlet.

So yeah, free dress!  Which I have since worn as a dress approximately once.  Usually it’s paired with my black leggings.  I tried to dress it up a little by adding the brown pearls and fancy earrings.  It may or may not have gone well, but I liked doing the purple-and-brown color combo.

Now that we’re finally getting some summery weather, my ability to dress for work is going out the window.  I can’t default to boots anymore because rules, but I don’t like wearing flats because they make me feel short and young, and I can’t wear heels often because warehouse.

But I’m okay with all of this, because sun.


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