Links Lundi

One documentary filmmaker shares how Roger Ebert’s positive review personally impacted him and his indie film about supermodels and body image. RIP, Ebert.

A young reader of “Already Pretty” shares her thoughts on fashion and privilege: “As a young girl recovering from several years of an eating disorder, it feels doubly awful because the one thing that I always wanted to be was pretty and now that I have the mindset to convince myself that I am, my environment still prevents me from physically showing people how much I’ve come to terms with myself.”

18 principles for creative people.

What would superheroines’ costumes look like if they were actually, y’know, wearing clothes?  These versions include more armor and less leotard.  Fewer leotards?  Whatever.  No more leotards.  The artist has more on his blog.

If you’re going to display your ignorance regarding women in the gaming industry, maybe don’t do it in front of Felicia Day:



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