Links Lundi

Jen offers practical (and sometimes hilarious) advice for getting out of a funk.

A more numerically-focused investigation into what a life-size Barbie would look like.

Via Colleen: Why I Am A Black Male Feminist.

Real-life inspirations for famous literary characters.  Aww, Winnie the Pooh!

Speaking of literary-in-real-life, Brooks Brothers (also known as Mr. Obama’s favorite brand) came out with a “Great Gatsby”-inspired line of menswear.  It’s pretty snazzy, but I have to ask: where my flapper dresses at blingy headbands at?

And finally, I’m sure you’ve all seen this ad by now:

I think overall it does a great job of illustrating (pun for once not intended) how distorted women’s self-image can get.  That said, why does this video include dudes?  Part of the self-esteem journey includes learning not to rely on the male gaze for approval, and this ad does not help that. Also, why the focus on the white, blonde, and relatively thin women?


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