Links Lundi

Via The Beheld: British Vogue and performer’s union Equity have signed a 10-point agreement to improve working conditions for models. “Most models begin working before they are 16 years old, and “surprise” nude shoots are routine. In an industry that relies on a labour force of minors who know they are highly replaceable and who are often too timid to say no to such demands, this important protection is long overdue.”

Also via The Beheld: the cosmetic trade show equivalent of booth babes!

Okay, so I’m basically raiding The Beheld this week, but this examination of the (predominantly Christian) idea that dressing modestly will get you noticed by the “right” guy is very interesting and refreshing.  I especially liked #6: “She didn’t choose that body just for you, God gave it to her. That body doesn’t define what kind of person she is.”

40 workspaces of famous creative types.  I want Nigella Lawson’s or Ruth Reichl’s – does this mean I have a future as a food writer? (Also, isn’t #10 the painter’s studio from “Heroes?”)  (Also also, Rudyard Kipling’s is almost exactly how I would have imagined it.)

Where are all the older women in the media?  Why aren’t they realistically depicted compared to men of the same age?


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