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What if Disney villains were as beautiful as the princesses?  It’s disappointing that Ursula became skinny, but points for taking a fresh look at the issue.  (Also, can we just agree right now to never try to make Frollo sexy again?  Thanks.)

Speaking of movies, Michael Fassbender is going to take on the title role in a new adaptation of “Macbeth,” which sounds awesome…but Natalie Portman is playing Lady Macbeth.  How about – oh, I don’t know – Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Rachel Weisz, maybe even Lena Headey or Emily Blunt?  Or my favorite Jane Eyre, Ruth Wilson, who proved she could do creepy and conniving very well in “Luther?”

The Italian custom of “suspended coffee” – coffee purchased by a generous customer for another customer down the line who can’t afford his own – is spreading across southern Europe.  I like it!

Ooh, look what’s coming out in time for my birthday!

Science figures out why cookies taste good dunked in tea.  Excuse me while I go wolf down a pack of digestive biscuits.

And finally, happy belated May the Fourth!  Here are some rare photos from the set of “Return of the Jedi.”


2 thoughts on “Links Lundi

  1. Oooh, Ruth Wilson would be an AMAZING Lady Macbeth.

    Also, I am DYING over how bishounen the prettified male Disney villains are. Oh my god. I totally agree with you about Ursula, though, but she’s my favorite anyway so I think she’s perfect as-is.

    • Yeah, the Jafar one in particular is pretty ridiculous. But hey, as long as we’re playing with gender depictions, might as well! Ariel and Jasmine are both running around in bikinis, anyway…

      And I know everyone was terrified of Ursula, but honestly King Triton scared me even more! I remember hiding during the scene when he shows up and destroys all her stuff – that’s not a thing good guys are supposed to do, so it freaked me out even more than Ursula.

      The eels were the scariest of all, though…*shudder*

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