Links Lundi

A dying boy’s last wish is to have tea with the Queen.  The Queen is too busy.  Who do you call to stand in?  Why, Helen Mirren, of course.

Disney gals get their own cover shoots.  Pros: they’re adorably detailed! Cons: those head-to-waist ratios become even more terrifying than usual.

This interview with costume illustrator Phillip Boutte (Inception, Catching Fire, Star Trek) is interesting both for its insight into his design process and his experiences as a minority working in Hollywood.

I described the new Xbox One as part Jarvis (in that you get to wave your hands and talk to it to make it do stuff) and part Big Brother (in that it’s always connected to the Internet and Kinect is constantly monitoring you), and I’m not the only one who’s weirded out by it.  Seriously, Kinect will measure your heartbeat.  Unless I’m playing a workout game, I really, really don’t need it to do that.

The Beheld has an interesting essay on “lipstick feminists” and how, like most social movements, they shouldn’t be excluded from feminism as a whole, because it takes all kinds.  (It also brings up an interesting potential dating-site quiz: Which Subgroup Of Feminism Are You?)

Via Reading In Skirts: for her daughter’s fifth birthday, Jaime Moore ditched the princess costumes and dressed her daughter as five historical women for her birthday portraits…plus a bonus “future president” photo session that’s just the most adorable thing on the Internet so let’s just call it a day.  I think these were all clever and beautifully executed, and I hope Emma gets it and that her mom’s great idea has an even better impact on her life.


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